Manual and Electrical Bidet Seat Buying Guide in Singapore


  • Budget & Functions

You should first consider how much you are willing to spend and factor in the costs and savings of using a toilet bidet seat. Using a toilet bidet seat will reduce toilet paper usage by approximately 75%, saving you money each year. You should also consider the functions you need and the features you want when looking for a toilet bidet.

bidet pricing table

  • Electrical VS Non-Electrical

If you are purchasing a washlet for an existing bathroom, it is recommended to start with a non-electrical bidet seat first, the TOTO ECOWASHER, as installation does not require much preparation before-hand and is a more affordable option.

For more advanced features, go for an electrical washlet. The TOTO WASHLET line offers even more features and benefits in the long run as compared to a manual ECOWASHER which only comes with basic features such as having a rear and feminine wash feature. However, electrical points are required before installation of the washlet.

toilet image

  • Elongated VS D-Shaped

When buying a washlet, it is important to consider the shape of it as well as we want it to match the shape of our WC bowls.

Let's take the TCF6531SP and TCF6532 for example, 



An elongated washlet type will fit well with WC models such as the TOTO C889DESI or the CW882NJ:


A D-Shaped washlet type will well with WC models such as the TOTO CW895PJ or the CW762GE:



And that should be all the general information you need to purchase your washlet! If you require any assistance, we highly encourage you speak to one of our Sales Representative before making your purchase.

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